Studio 14 - Lynn Baker - Studio and Architectural Glass Designer Lincolnshire

‘...where exciting studio and architectural glass is designed and made by Lynn Baker - glassmaker

Lynn Baker Photo Galleries

Here you can browse through my photo albums, a selection of current and past pieces of work.
Clicking on an album will open up a slideshow of photographs.

Further Galleries coming soon…

Lynn Baker Glass - Bottles
Lynn Baker Glass - Queen of the Night
Queen of the Night
Studio14 Lynn Baker Cocoons Doddington Hall
handmade hand blown glass ware
Tulips, glassware Lynn Baker
Humber Walk, Ebb & Flow at the Ropewalk Gallery
Humber Walk
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Nestle Range
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Glass Daisies
Graal Technique
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Visitors are welcome to visit my studio, please ring to make an appointment.