Studio 14 - Lynn Baker - Studio and Architectural Glass Designer Lincolnshire

‘...where exciting studio and architectural glass is designed and made by Lynn Baker - glassmaker

Studio 14

"where exciting studio and architectural glass
is designed and made by Lynn Baker"

I am a designer and maker of hand blown and kiln formed studio glass, architectural panels and garden sculpture.

My work is based around the themes of 'movement and change' and much of my inspiration comes from the Lincolnshire Wolds, an area of outstanding natural beauty where I both live and work. I develop my designs by taking a panorama or series of photographs and progress using a wide variety of drawing and model making.

I am fascinated by glass. When it is heated it turns from a solid to a liquid and in its molten state I can pull, push, bend, blow and twist it, meaning I have to think quickly. The possibilities are endless and the results always exciting. When glass blowing I specialise in working with the graal technique using 24% lead crystal. 'Embryo's or 'blanks' are made, cooled and then heavily sand carved and engraved. These are then heated, picked up on a blowing iron, coated and blown to the required shape and size, a complicated process.

Kiln work has its own set of challenges and it has a different sort of beauty. I enjoy breaking down the glass and rebuilding it adding oxides and trapping air between the layers, in effect trapping a moment in time. Each piece is totally unique.

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Lincolnshire Glass Artist
Studio 14 - Lynn Baker

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